MC Refractory was developed by two chimney sweeps who became frustrated with ordering refractories only to have them arrive broken or receiving the wrong panels all together! ! After much trial and tribulation, MC developed the Model 2239 which worked very well for chimney cleaners and retail stores. When we designed  Model 2433 and Model DB4224 it became an instant success.

Now chimney sweeps have a manufacturer that understands their dilemma,  Time is Money! By carrying a Cut To Fit Refractory on your truck you are able to cut, install, and collect your money on the spot.




In 2001, the MC Manufacturing Cut to Fit Refractory was tested by OMNI-Test Laboratories, Inc and was found to meet the UL 127 and ASTM C133 requirements at that time.


All of our panels are packed in a carefully constructed steel frame, using foam pad inserts, and locking straps. Con-Way Freight will guarantee that your panels are delivered without breakage, HOWEVER, you must inspect the package before signing!


All Panels must be cured by burning 5 small fires (saucer size) for approximately thirty (30) minutes. This will prevent cracking and thus allow us to guarantee our product to you or your customer