What is a refractory panel?

Refractory panels are the brick “sheets” that are located inside your fireplace. They may appear to be real bricks but in reality the inside of the fireplace consists of four refractory panels (2 sides, 1 back, and 1 bottom).

What purpose does a refractory serve?

Refractory panels refract the heat generated by the fire and send that heat back into the rooms; although on a very small scale. Their main purpose is to keep the heat from penetrating into the firebox and damaging it.

When should I replace my broken refractory panels?

As your Chimney Technician has no doubt pointed out to you there is a problem with the existing refractory panel(s) in your fireplace. Manufacturers’ opinions will vary when it comes time to replacing damaged panels. However, a good rule of thumb is to replace the panel if a dime can be inserted in the crack. If pieces of the panel are falling apart, or if the panel is cracked entirely through.

Why should I replace my refractory panels?

Since there is damage to your panels that warrants replacement, let us tell you all the reasons why it would be beneficial to get new refractory walls:

1. Visually…your fireplace will look better

2. Efficiency…it will work better

3. Safety…it will protect the framing that exists behind your fireplace